Sukhumi botanical garden

The capital of Abkhazia – Sukhumi today it is hard to imagine without a local botanical garden, which, according to many, so often the case here, without exaggeration can be attributed to the eight wonders.

In Sukhumi botanical garden, occupying more than thirty acres and divided the fifty “inspection” of sites grow not only typical of the subtropical plants, but rare instances. Treasure trove of flora to date has almost five thousand species and varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Here is well taken root members of the family of citrus, olive trees, tea bushes. Still, the main wealth of Sukhumi botanical garden is not only and not in it. Pride is Caucasian lime, born long before the formal establishment of the garden, or rather, until 1840. Curiously, despite his age and size – three feet in diameter – long-liver flowering and fruiting.

The first time under the Sukhumi botanical garden belonging to the military ministry, have been allocated the tithe of the land, tree seedlings, but not are diverse. About any research in that time we did not go. Botanical Garden was fattening base for military units and soldiers brightened leisure, rest after the fighting. From military companies Sukhumi garden suffered more than once. Considerable damage inflicted Turks in the years 1853-1855, two decades later, they also literally wiped out of the world.

In the thirties of last century, the area of land has grown significantly due to accede to the local arboretum. Today Sukhumi botanical garden is living a full life. Its existence is supported including the expense of visitors who come here to discover the unique plants from around the world.

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